When listening to and for the voice of Spirit we often find ourselves frustrated because we are waiting to hear someone speak so loud and long that we can't help but hear. The reality is often the voice of The Divine is often soft and gentle. Many times The Divine provides messages by way of synchronicities or repeating numerical patterns that communicate a message that gives you the push you need to keep going or the peace you need to stand still in a storm. If you have studied spirituality for any amount of time you already know that numbers hold a specials place in the heart of The Divine along with symbols and certain smells. The Divine Message Candles were born out of my personal experience with synchronicities for over 10 years, seeing 1234, 111, 222 etc every single day and wondering if I was losing my mind or being guided toward something great. I chose to believe the later and chased every number in my research as far back as my brain would process and learned as much as I could while interacting with my Guides and my Ancestors to truly embrace my connection with these messages in order to bring peace and stillness into my own mind. My hope is that these candles will become a part of your spiritual practice and provide you with as much peace and guidance as they have provided me.
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