African Crystal Goddess Apothecary was conceived out of a love for all things metaphysical and it has grown into a labor of love.  

African Crystal Goddess is a blessed medium brought up by a grandmother who provided guidance that was more a way of life than the Root Work we now call it.   Her belief is that spiritual messages can be seen all around us and that it is your right to connect to your spirits and guides to work to your highest and greatest good.  This thought gave birth to my Divine Message Candles, Divine Heritage Oils, and my Divine Message Incense line.  My products are crafted by hand in ritual with my Ancestors and Spirit Guides.  I believe in Divine guidance and as a spiritualist it is my responsibility to provide you with guidance that will help you connect to the spiritual practice that already exist for you.  

I believe it is Divine to care for yourself and those around you spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally by connecting with our higher selves and utilizing items gifted to us by The Divine Mother/Father such as crystals, herbs etc to call in the blessing and co-create a life we can enjoy.  

As a reminder all oils, candles and incense are created by me using herbs, roots, oils and spiritual energy .  I am a Spiritualist, daughter, mother and a one woman show so please be understanding that the items you order are being created in ritual with my ancestors and spirits which require focus, time and prayer.  I ask that you be patient.  Most items will be able to ship within 10 days but if it takes longer know that the product will not disappoint you or the purpose you plan to use it for.

Remember conjure is work, so don't do half of a ritual and expect things to be handled.  If you want it to work out, guess what?  You have to work it ALL THE WAY OUT!  
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